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Quality Ornamental Grasses

Graze Grasses grows native ornamental grasses for Central, Southern, and Eastern Oregon for local nurseries and landscaping companies. We focus on a few varieties to help ensure the quality of each grass we grow. We focus on native varieties to ensure the health of the plant as well as conservation of our area’s  natural resources.

Ornamental grasses provide that extra layer of beautification and texture to any landscaping project either as the focal point or as an accent. They are versatile, low-maintenance, and look spectacular in any season! Our goal is to promote native landscaping and resource conservation by providing our grasses for any project.

Caleb Gray and Stephen Bloss

Co-Founders of Graze Grasses

The Ornamental Grasses

Currently Available

Follow the link above to view the types and amounts of grasses currently available and upcoming.

Great Basin Wild Rye

Great Basin Wild Rye (Leymus cinereus) is a stunning ornamental grass, which can grow up to six feet tall; making it a statuesque, focal point of any garden or bed. It is a native and robust bunchgrass that blooms in late spring with long, tan flowers providing an extra layer of visual structure.

Idaho Fescue

Idaho Fescue (Festuca idahoensis) is a small, native clumping grass that provides an excellent border or ground cover to your garden. As an added bonus, it is an excellent addition to any slope as well to provide erosion control. Its leaves are extremely narrow and range from a blue-green to a silver-green color. It maintains much of its color throughout the year, providing an interest and color contrast in every season.

Blue Fescue

Blue Fescue (Festuca cinerea glauca Varna) is admittedly not a native ornamental grass to the area. That said, it's a small, clumping grass with brilliant blue leaves that create such a visual contrast to any bed that we could not help but grow it.