Growing with intent.

What We Do

Caleb and Stephen moved to Central Oregon in the summer of 2021.
When looking around, it was their intention to find a place to erect a
greenhouse and start Graze Grasses. They wanted to cultivate native
ornamental grasses that could be used in a variety of scenarios of
landscaping within Central, Southern, and Eastern Oregon.

Ornamental grasses have been a passion of Caleb and Stephen’s since they first discovered them in landscaping. These grasses can provide so much structure and texture to a garden, a flower bed, a golf course, a park, or truly any place. The grasses’ strong, clean lines and manipulability provide a fresh, modern look to any project. Their tolerance to drought and easy care make them low-maintenance.
Their blooms provide just that extra pop of color or texture. They are truly an excellent addition to any landscape or stand alone in absolute brilliance!

Caleb Gray & Stephen Bloss

 Co-Founders of Graze Grasses

What We Offer

Grasses We Are Growing

We are currently growing three varieties of ornamental grasses for wholesale to nurseries,  landscapers, and other businesses looking to freshen up their projects with these special, low-maintenance plants.

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